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English-Spanish Translator.

2012-06-29 23:20:23 by serux

Hello again Newgrounds.
I'm here to sell my services.
I can translate from Spanish to English or from English to Spanish.
If someone is interested please PM me. I'm good at translating and I want to be better.
If you doesn't need me, please go to tell your friends about me. Maybe you don't know but your friends need someone like me. I'm fast and accurate.
Thanks to all!.

Hola a todos.
Estoy aquí para ofrecer mis servicios como traductor.
Puedo traducir del español al inglés y viceversa.
Si alguien está interesado que por favor me envíe un mensaje privado. Y si no está interesado que se lo diga a sus amigos, igual no lo sabes pero tus amigos necesitan a alguien como yo.
Trabajo de forma rápida y eficiente.
Gracias a todos!.


2012-06-28 04:35:37 by serux

I have been thinking about a little game.
I'm not going to say what it is because someone can steal it but...
I think I can make it,
Some variables for the point sistem... Monsters to kill with a sword in a weird area... I think the programming will be easy. I will use AS2. I will have a bad time on the graphics area. I hope it won't take me away from the little game.
On the animation... I'm thinking about removing something and... I don't know.

I have a song made by an newgrounds musician. I have lost the name of him or her. The name of the theme is: Sadthemerec.mp3. I have tried to find it again but I cant. If someone knows a lot about newgrounds audio portal please tell me. Thanks.

What am I doing?

2012-06-27 07:49:01 by serux

I started yesterday and now... So many thing to do, to remake... A new storyline to make. So many stupid graphics I don't know how to make. I'm so bad at drawing and this is a big problem being a flash developer. It will be hous of boring draging work and. I don't know if I have time for this.

But, let's keep trying a bit more...

Back to Flash?

2012-06-26 14:37:26 by serux

Years have passed. I made my last flash game 2 years ago. Then I started to study... But now, I think I can go again... I remember something about AS2 and nothing about AS3 but... I will just try. I think i'm going to need a lot of luck so...
Let's go!


2012-06-26 10:28:12 by serux